Yim Tin Tsai Artisan Sea Salt - Box


Sea Salt is made from sea water, water particles are evaporated under the sun. Yim Tin Tsai is surrounded by mangrove forest, which could filter the sea water, and purify the pollutants from Sai Kung territorial waters.

With the flowing water technique to produce salt, large size impurities (mud, sand and rocks) will be precipitated and micro size impurities (heavy metal, microplastic) will be released when the salt gradually purifies. Every time the seawater going into the salt plant pools will become purer and finally sea salt that is qualified to eat is produced.

Due to the eco-environment, the wind will blow naturals matters to the salt plant. These matters will be attached to the salt particles. Therefore it is normal that the sea salt has black spots on the surface, and would not affect the quality of the salt. Sea salt from Yim Tin Tsai fulfils the requirements from CODEX of eatable salt and is safe to eat.

The benefits of producing salt using this technique

  1. Keeping minerals and precipitation (good for health ) from the seawater
  2. Prolonged crystallization process produces multi-layer salt crystal, keeping the salty taste deep inside the salt. The result is there are layers of salt taste
  • 100% hand made
  • Natural local primary products
  • From Sai Kung Water
  • Made in Hong Kong
***2 bottles per quantity

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