When it comes to the premium clothing produced, we are consciously impelled to practice our responsibility to the planet. It is from an awareness of the damaging impact the fashion industry has contributed to the world that forms the foundations that established RURI.


We want you to have everlasting love affairs with our products, passing them down to future generations. We aim to create clothing that lasts, transcending seasons and steering away from fleeting trends.

A sustainable direction we want to encourage is intelligent shopping. Owning our timeless, versatile pieces means you can buy fewer things and build a considered wardrobe of intentional designs. Knowing your style will be uncompromised is the perfect addition.

At the RURI showroom, we offer advice on how to handle and care for your beloved pieces in the most environmentally friendly way. The service ensures the longevity of your products.

Manufacturing Process

RURI has sourced and built relationships with factories and mills that are respectful of the people they employ. Furthermore, they specifically share our sustainable and ethical practices. The core of our business is the product created, where and how we produce matters.

We work hard to maintain a zero-waste policy by only investing in the exact amount of fabric needed to ensure no wastage. We consciously source up-cycled materials to utilize our intentional design and color selections, striking a harmonious balance between manufacturing and design.

Current fashion production, unfortunately, can never be 100% sustainable. Producing clothing in factories requires the use of energy and water. We have made it our ritual to ensure that the washing process of denim consists of reused/filtered water. The drying process is finalized using only natural resources.

In the grand scheme of things, we still have a long way to go. The Earth's resources are precious. So, it is our moral obligation to understand our environmental impact to make a meaningful change.


We have set goals to achieve and maintain the use of natural and sustainably sourced fibers, such as organic cotton, silk, cashmere, and Tencel. Avoiding the use of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon unless recycled, is our way of striving to improve and do better every day.

At present, 40% of the fabric/yarns sourced are sustainably up-cycled. We are putting strategies in place to increase this to 70%, to reduce the footprint we leave behind. Sustaining our environment is embedded at the core of RURI.

Our aim is to continually know where we stand as a company; in terms of sustainability and ethical practices. Our development then becomes constant, allowing hope for a better future.

Together our accountability is the catalyst for change.