Established in 2018, RURI is a fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to creating high quality sustainable fashion.

The collection (pronounced ‘lu li’) takes its name from the Japanese word 琉璃 るり meaning ‘handcrafted glass, and blue color.’ Drawing inspiration from a timeless, minimalist aesthetic, our collection of ready to wear clothes, accessories and home products are designed and created to the highest and most sustainable standards for the modern person on the go.

RURI has carefully sourced and partnered with like-minded producers and manufacturers to ensure that every garment is produced as ethically as possible. 

RURI’s aesthetic and manufacturing practices means that each piece is designed to be cherished and crafted to last. The antithesis to the fast fashion of today, RURI encourages consumers to shop less, more consciously and to sustainably invest in their wardrobe.

We truly believe that less is better.

This is RURI.