Our philosophy is to design and create classic and affordable products using the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

It all begins with the fabric. We are devoted to using  fabrics that are Eco-friendly and upcycled, and have carefully sourced the highest quality fabrics from sustainable producers. Our talented design and manufacturing teams consciously utilize the fabric to its full potential, with each pattern carefully designed to minimize waste. We have partnered with companies that have sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices to create our garments, so that each piece is made to the highest standard of craftsmanship and sustainability.

The belief that “less is more” is at the heart of RURI’s ethos. We encourage consumers to shop less, more consciously and invest in high-quality, sustainable clothes. Through our timeless designs and quality craftsmanship, RURI fights the culture of wasteful fast fashion, designing each garment to be a staple in your wardrobe, season after season. By designing classic, timeless pieces, we encourage consumers to strip down their wardrobe to the basics, buying less and more consciously.

Being sustainable can be so stylish!