Invisible Poo Bag (Holder)

Color: White

Invisible Poo Bag is plastic-free, compostable, biodegradable and water-soluble, proven to be non-toxic and leaves no harmful residues on earth.  It does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC and does not form microplastic. 
It is water soluble, which almost instantly dissolves in water that is above 65oC; or slowly dissolves under a lower temperature.
* The box is eco-friendly, using unbleached paper and made from recycled material from FSC sustainably managed forests.  Please recycle it after it's consumed to offset your carbon footprint and pawprint!

* 10 pcs per box

RURI is teaming up with Invisible Company to help our furry friends in need. Every poo bag is a way for you to care for the 4-legged friends in town, every poo bag you buy all net proceedings after deducting costs will be donated to local charities or volunteer who focus on animal care provision.  

Pick Up a poo today. Inspire change tomorrow!

Invisible Poo Bag 是由可生物降解及水溶性物料 Polyvinyl Alcohol 聚乙烯醇 (PVA)、植物澱粉、甘油及水所造。通過實驗測試證實對環境無毒無害,不含 PP, PE, PS, PVC 塑膠成份,不會形成微塑膠、不殘留有害物質。
Invisible Poo Bag 是水溶性,可以在65℃以上的水中溶解;或在較低溫度下緩慢溶解。

* 包裝盒是採用100%可回收、無漂白原料,FSC森林認證的紙張所造,使用後請回收以減低對環境的負面影響,對環境更友善。

* 每盒 10 個袋


RURI 正在與 Invisible Company 合作,希望可以出一分力幫助我們有需要的毛孩朋友。每個便便袋除了能令主人以及毛孩更方便之外,更是你對毛孩們的一份愛心。您購買的每一個便便袋在扣除成本後所有淨收入都將捐贈給本地的動物慈善機構或其他同樣專注於愛護動物的志願團體。


Flushable water-soluble
Landfill Biodegradable
Non-toxic leave no microplastic
Reduced carbon footprint by manufactured nearby

How To Use

Two ways to dispose:

Pick up your pets poo using the bag, either dispose of it in a designated pet waste bin
Drop the bag down the toilet and flush!

** Do not knot or tie before flushing.  One bag at a time **


FSC Certified and Unbleached Paper

Biodegradable Combination - Polyvinyl Alcohol (PV), Starch, Glycerin, Water

Size Info

Holder Dimension - 105mm (W) * 15mm (H) * 62mm (D)

Bag Size - 200mm (W) * 260mm (L)

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